Helping you take care of your family

Caring About our Clients

We know how difficult it can be for both the mesothelioma patient as well as the family. Treatment is so important and we work hard to ensure that our mesothelioma attorneys will not distract you from obtaining the best treatment available. We have a number of medical resources available for mesothelioma patients including a booklet on treatment options, mesothelioma nurses who you can talk with about treatment issues and alternative treatment information. Please call or email to request this information.

Please know that throughout the process you can be assured that both Jeff Kaiser, Larry Gornick and their entire team of mesothelioma attorneys will be personally available to talk with you about both your case and other important life issues. Instead of worrying about your future, we urge you to call us now so we can put your worries to rest. After representing hundreds of mesothelioma clients we have successfully overcome almost all of the issues that families face. If we don't have the immediate answers, we have mesothelioma doctors and nurses on call who we can contact to obtain the information for you.