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Aside from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation there are emerging alternative methods of treatment of mesothelioma. Photodynamic therapy or PDT uses light energy to destroy cancer cells. There are two steps utilized in this method. First, the physician administers a photosensitizer to make cells sensitive to light. When these cells are exposed to light it causes a reaction that slowly kills the cells. In controlled mesothelioma clinical trials, they found out that PDT can improve the life expectancy of pleural mesothelioma patients. But it is more effective when combined with other forms of treatment available. Doctors use a drug called photofrin as the main photosensitizer. This is an FDA approved drug used in the treatment of other diseases like esophageal cancer. Do you want to know more about photodynamic therapy and it can benefit you in the treatment of your pleural mesothelioma? Find more information on mesothelioma support group websites and community billboards.

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