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Men Sues 10 Companies over Asbestos Exposure

A combined lawsuit has been filed by 2 men against 10 defendant corporations.

Patrick Turner and William Smedley are suing the companies, claiming that they were exposed to asbestos throughout their employment. The suit was filed in the Civil District Court in Orleans Parish on February 2.

According to the complaint, the plaintiffs were employees in an offshore oil rig. The defendants exposed them to various asbestos-contaminated materials and toxic drilling waste.

Turner and Smedley claim they were injured by their exposure to the harmful substances. The plaintiffs say they suffered severe mental anguish and anxiety about developing fatal diseases like mesothelioma.

The defendants failed to warn its workers of the hazards of asbestos, the suit says. Additionally, the companies failed to provide the workers with a safe working environment. The plaintiffs also say the companies didn’t perform required medical checkups for workers and failed to follow federal safety regulations.

The plaintiffs are asking for unspecified damages.