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John Crane Fined in Asbestos Case

A Jury has fined John Crane Inc. in an asbestos-linked case.

The family of John Bristow, a former shipyard worker who died from mesothelioma, won $9.18 million in a case against the seals maker.

Bristow, of Virginia Beach, worked with Newport News Shipbuilding for around 37 years. He started his career as a worker and retired as design engineer.

Medical documents say Bristow developed malignant mesothelioma somewhere around 1970s.

Bristow’s widow and children filed complaint against John Crane after his death. They alleged John Crane failed to warn its workers regarding the dangerous effects of asbestos, though the company was aware that asbestos exposure can cause diseases including cancer.

The court ruled that John Crane is responsible for Bristow’s death. Company officials were unwilling to comment.