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JFK Business Centre and John F Kennedy HS Move Students for Asbestos Removal

Montreal – JFK Business Centre and John F Kennedy High School students have to begin the fresh school year somewhere else due to asbestos removal work at the St. Michel building.

According to the English Montreal School Board, JFK facility is expected to be ready by September last.

The board had declared a month back that it would be shutting the facility for the remaining school year as more tests on air quality have to be done.

The cancer-causing substance had already been found in 2 ventilation rooms and was cleaned up. However, additional tests in other areas of the building showed the presence of asbestos at various locations.

JFK High School students were shifted to Rosemount High School a month ago. There they will start the coming school year as well.

JFK Business Centre students have been moved to Rosemount Technology Centre (RTC) and Shadd Business Centre.