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Chelsea Hotel Ordered to Get Rid of Asbestos

Historic Chelsea Hotel’s current owner Joseph Chetrit is in an asbestos fight.

According to occupant leaders in the hotel, Chetrit has been ordered to remove asbestos from the building’s shaft space.

Zoe Pappas, the president of the Chelsea Hotel Tenant Association, said residents were extremely angry as asbestos is a known cancer-causing material.

Such clashes are not new for Chetrit. He had been sued by a group of permanent residents last December over hazardous dust and airborne asbestos particles released by the massive renovations at 222 W. 23rd St. Ruling was in favor of the tenant group. A Housing Court judge ordered the project to abide by all safety regulations.

The group also questioned Chetrit’s efforts to expel long-term tenants.

Chetrit has not commented on the issue.