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Challenges Mesothelioma Lawyers Face

One of the biggest challenges that mesothelioma lawyers face is the long latency period of the disease. Early symptoms of mesothelioma take decades to surface after exposure to asbestos. Because of the long waiting period, companies being sued may already be out of business or could go into another type of business with their headquarters moving to another state or another country. They may also be acquired by other companies or may be operated by another corporation. The job of a mesothelioma lawyer is to specifically identify the one responsible for the victim’s condition. Huge amounts of research are required along with acquisition of old records and legal documents to support the case of his client. Witnesses must be located and testimonies should be very accurate with events transpiring decades in the past. In addition to all these, the lawyer should be able to establish that the victim contracted the disease through exposure in a specific location and timeline linking the company as the one responsible for it.