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California Mesothelioma Lawyer

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Exposure to asbestos can have deadly consequences. According to research, workers exposed to asbestos because of the nature of their job, are likely to develop cancer in the lungs called mesothelioma. Many people don’t see the damaging effects of asbestos until it’s too late. Asbestos is being used in many applications including the manufacture of thousands of construction and household products. It’s also being used in construction of roads and buildings because of its fire retardant properties. But what people don’t know is that daily exposure to dangerous amounts of asbestos can be harmful to the body. Mesothelioma or cancer of the mesothelium is a disease in which the cells become abnormal and can invade and damage other tissues and organs. Cancer cells can spread throughout the body and mesothelioma treatments may prove to be ineffective when undiagnosed early. Statistics show that people exposed to asbestos in the early 70s are known to suffer from this rare form of cancer today.

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