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BC Company Faces Asbestos Fines

British Columbia’s environment ministry is probing into a local toxic substance removal company for illegal disposal of dangerous material, following bags of deadly asbestos were discovered scattered across the property of the company last month.

According to Ministry spokesperson Suntanu Dalal, officials got a complaint on 28th March about the storage of toxic waste on Red Demo Ltd.’s Langley property.

Dalal said he would not comment further as the investigation is ongoing.

Bob Caya, the operations manager of Red Demo, said he could be fined once the federal investigation is over. He admitted that he was not supposed to have asbestos on company’s property.

Caya says the asbestos in the property doesn’t pose any health hazard as it has been adequately wrapped in disposal bags. The company has already hired a specialist to remove asbestos properly from the property, Caya said.