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Asbestosis Kills Plumber

A plumber died from asbestosis that he developed as a result of exposure to asbestos during his employment, an inquest heard.

Leonard Beck, 73, inhaled toxic dust while working as a plumber. He also had the habit of smoking until a few years ago. Asbestos exposure could be more dangerous when it is coupled with smoking.

Beck trained in a technical institute as a plumber prior to his service for two years with the Royal Corps of Signals. Then he worked with racing tycoon Sir Stan Clarke prior to coming to the brewing industry. Beck worked as a planning co-ordinator and overseer with Ind Coope brewers. Then he again worked as self employed plumber.

Beck initially felt shortness of breath and was admitted to the hospital. He died after 3 days. Doctors said there was clear evidence of exposure to asbestos, which might have been worsened by smoking.