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Asbestos Found at Pumping Plant

BAKERSFIELD, CA – Asbestos was discovered at the Ira J. Chrisman Wind Gap Pumping Plant, officials said.

The plant supplies water from Kern County over the Grapevine and into Los Angeles area.

According to plant officials, the cancer-causing substance was found by a worker during the routine maintenance at the plant. Anyway, there is no hazard to the water safety or the public, officials said.

“We were doing some repairs at one of our large pumping units. A worker came to know that he might have disturbed some asbestos while disassembling some piping,” said Jeff Said, the Field Division Chief.

Officials said they reacted rapidly to make sure that everyone was say. The facility was closed immediately and the worker was sent for check-up.

Now the officials are trying to find out how widespread the asbestos is and how to remove the substance.

State water officials have confirmed that there is no danger to the water supply to the Los Angeles.